Compris Vineyard

Compris Vineyards: Embracing Unconventional Wine Experiences with Nature’s Touch

Compris Vineyards boldly ventures beyond the confines of conventional winemaking, inviting nature’s rich and unexpected expressions into every step of their process. Embracing a philosophy of intentional unconventionality, they push the boundaries to explore new and innovative ways of experiencing wine. At Compris, they believe that wine is an art form, and they practice a traditional hands-off approach, allowing the terroir and unique characteristics of each grape variety to take center stage.

In their pursuit of crafting exceptional wines, Compris adopts a minimal intervention approach. Rather than imposing strict control, they grant the vineyard’s natural harmony to shine, following the rhythm set by the naturally present yeast during fermentation. This practice, known as minimal intervention, celebrates the true essence of the grapes and allows their wines to unfold authentically.

Nestled in a picturesque 12.5-acre vineyard, Compris invites you to immerse yourself in a world where nature’s touch crafts extraordinary wine experiences. Discover the joy of tasting something delightfully different and be captivated by the artistry of terroir-driven wines. Join Compris Vineyards on a journey that celebrates the magic of the unexpected and embraces the harmony between wine and nature.

Visitor Information

Address : 17425 NE Hillside Drive
Newberg, OR 97132

Phone : 503-538-4092

Website :

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